ATD Buffalo Niagara Chapter Leadership (2020-2021)

2019-2020 Board Members

[2019-2020 Board Members (l to r) Sarah Collins, Usha Sahadeo, Cynthia Mazranni, Michelle Nardell, Kim Stahl, Sue Czyrny, Erika Rellstab, and Diane Roesch]

ATD Buffalo Niagara chapter leadership is comprised of a diverse group of local leaders in the workplace learning and performance field. Each Board of Director is responsible for recruiting and managing their own committees and volunteers. 

If you are interested in serving your community, please contact any of the chapter leaders below to discuss.


Usha Sahadeo

Why ATD? Being actively involved in ATD BN helps me meet dynamic people dedicated to growth and  learning.


Deborah Pratt

Past President

Kim Stahl

Why ATD? I was looking for an opportunity to develop myself as a learning professional. What I discovered was an entire community dedicated to helping everyone succeed.

Vice President of Programs

Katie Marchese, M.A.

Why ATD? ATD has connected me to dozens of local professionals, and I’ve learned something from each and every one of them. I have expanded my network exponentially, and am excited to continue doing so!

Vice President of Communications

Kelly Glosser

Vice President of Membership

Sarah Collins

Why ATD? I joined ATD Buffalo Niagara to expand my knowledge of the learning and development field. ATD Buffalo Niagara has provided me with access to several engaging workshops, a network of learning and development professionals, and the opportunity to develop my communication and leadership skills.

Vice President of Chapter Services

Diane Roesch

Why ATD? What I love about ATD is the people and the sense of community.

Vice President of Finance

Dr. Yang Zhao

Vice President of Marketing

Kim Welborn

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